Our Donuts!

Quality Before Quantity

Here at Casual Friday Donuts we take great pride in ensuring that our customers are getting the very best hand crafted creations! We ae 100% hand crafted, focusing on quality over quantity.


While we sell 1000's of donuts daily, we partner with our local community donating our left overs each day to those in need! 


Take a look at our wonderful selection, generous portions and our great pricing today!

Maple Bar

Maple Icing spread to perfection!



Glazed Ring

This IS the Ring!



Old Fashioned

Nothing wrong with being old fashioned!



Vanilla Cakes

This variety is a piece of cake!



The largest, most enjoyable Fritters around! Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Cranberry Orange... Oh My!



Maple Bacon Bar

Did you say Maple Bacon! Enough Said!


Chocolate Cakes

Just a little Cocoa Magic, some Sprinkles and icing!



Salted Carmel Ring

This decadent treat will make your salivary glands dance!



Mother Of All Donuts!



Raised Candy

Something Sweet for your Sweeties!




The non-traditional Persian. Perjing sounds rediculous.

You want pink icing... just ask for it!



Raised Croissants

We fill these puppies with raspberry filling... Yes - That Just Happened!



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